The Lost Spires

By Leo Gura - July 26, 2022

This is the mod for Oblivion, The Lost Spires, that got me hired at Irrational Games in 2007 to work on Bioshock Infinite.

At one point in time Lost Spires was one of the most downloaded Mods for Oblivion. Unlike other highly downloaded mods, which were technical in nature, like full overhauls of the combat system, my mod was a full-on quest/adventure expansion for Oblivion. It featured 25+ hours of original connect to showcase my game design, level design, narrative design, and 3D art skills (which, admittedly were less than professional, eh, I was a game designer by trade, not an artist).

This mod took me 8 full months of work. It was 95% solo, except for one part: the final boss rigging animations, which I was not technical enough to complete myself. So I had enormous help from a guy on the Bethesda forums named XMarksTheSpot.

Oh, and I forgot, all the voice over work was done for me for free by a professional fan and aspiring VO actor: Stephen ‘Ibsens Ghost’ Boyes

There’s actually some more minor credits which can be found here:

Thanks to UnholyForager for the epic trailer. Thanks dude!

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