The Importance Of Police

By Leo Gura - December 5, 2022

Police have gotten a bad rap in our politics lately, but it’s important to understand the difficult and vital work that police do every day to make civilization possible.

Remember, police have to deal with some of the biggest assholes and idiots on the planet, every day, for years.

Demonizing the police is not an intelligent political position.

Although, of course, minorities have a right to demand humane policing.

This channel, Police Activity, is an amazing collection of raw footage of police and the scumbags they have to deal with on a daily basis. Have a look for yourself. I was binge-watching this channel for hours.

Yes, of course, police — just like the best scientists — make mistakes. But you will only appreciate that when you understand how difficult policing and science are. If you tried to do policing or science yourself, you’d be much more empathetic about the situation.

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