The Horrors Of Moderating Facebook

By Leo Gura - October 12, 2022

Very fascinating look into the kind of toxic and depraved content shared across Facebook (but really, the whole internet):

This is what you get when you let freedom and libertarianism reign online. People who suggest that the internet needs less censorship, less moderation, less government, and more freedom of speech, have no idea what they’re talking about.

People sometimes accuse the Actualized Forum for being both too toxic and too censorious. Well, now you have some perspective. The Actualized Forum is a Zen garden by comparison. People sometimes tell me in shock, “But Leo, I expected your forum would be much more conscious than it is because you teach such high-consciousness stuff.” To which my response is simply: “This is the INTERNET we’re dealing with here, you dummy.”

But I want to note, this is not really Facebook’s or Zuckerberg’s fault. Sure, they can invest more money into moderation and they can be much less libertarian in their philosophy, but the reality is that when you have a platform with billions of people, human nature is simply going to play itself out. And human nature can get pretty depraved. Even if Facebook moderated all this stuff, they wouldn’t actually stop the acts themselves, they would merely make things less visible to the public. There is value in looking human depravity in the face. It’s good to know how depraved human beings are because we love to think of ourselves as these wonderful, intelligent, polite beings.

And YES, everything shared on Facebook is LOVE! If you cannot wrap your mind around that, you’ve got no business doing science or spirituality. Love includes all the sick, twisted, depraved things consciousness can imagine.

As part of your spiritual development it’s important to come face-to-face with how twisted, vicious, and dirty consciousness can get. Everything you hate the most about reality, all the greatest evil, is actually God. And your job is to accept and appreciate that. That’s real spirituality, not the cute spiritual quotes you read on Instagram.

The ENTIRE internet — with all of its most disgusting shit — is a direct reflection of God’s Mind. You can’t even comprehend yet how disgusting the darkest corners of the internet are. With that said, be careful not to feed your mind with garbage. If you respect and love yourself you will not feed your mind toxic and depraved imagery.

People just don’t appreciate the depth of the free speech problem.

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