The Frightening Future Of AI Technology

By Leo Gura - June 11, 2022

You are alive during a special time in human civilization where AI technology is reaching a critical mass. This is just starting to happen and it will have huge consequences for the structure of civilization that are difficult to predict. AI technology will be used for great good and great evil, making it a mixed bag.

Generally speaking I have been very positive about the future of mankind, but after hearing of the newest developments in AI I have been starting to wonder whether mankind isn’t just a fifth wheel that will soon be completely obsolete. The question is, Does mankind have any redeeming qualities at all? Because collectively we act like a herd of blind idiots and this obviously cannot stand for much longer. Our government systems are especially inadequate for dealing with the regulatory challenges that are rapidly approaching. The whole way we do government and politics needs to significantly evolve.

Some of the newest developments in AI are bleak and scary if you are pro-mankind. If mankind does not start to seriously evolve we will become obsolete. Evolve fast or die is basically our new situation. The universe is too efficient to allow for the existence of a horde of self-absorbed, materialistic, closedminded, ideological, lazy, ignorant creatures for long. We need to evolve mankind out of Spiral Dynamics Tier 1 ASAP. That level of cognition is not capable of surviving in our new technological landscape.

And the kicker is, if your reaction to the above is to fall into fear, depression, and inaction then you have definitely failed to evolve and you will definitely be replaced. Hope, positivity, and a constructive outlook are crucial if mankind is to have any future at all. Cynicism, hopelessness, misanthropy, and finger-pointing are a dead-end.

For you youngsters there is a huge life purpose opportunity here for shaping the next evolutionary step of mankind and civilization. What role will you choose to play in that? That’s up to you. Will you face the future with strength and courage or will you shrivel in helplessness and negativity?

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