The AI Revolution Has Arrived

By Leo Gura - December 18, 2022

If you’re not yet aware, huge things are happening in the field of AI which will transform the entire way humans do life and business. AI will be as transformative and disruptive as the last 30 years of the internet. So make sure you prepare yourself strategically for the new world that is rapidly approaching. People are not taking AI seriously enough. They are treating AI as a toy but AI will disrupt every industry. Humans must start preparing now for living and working alongside AI in a hybrid, human-AI world. If you are not adapting your workflow to leverage AI, you will be out of a job soon. The future is hybrid.

The next trillion dollar company will be in AI. One of the reasons that I invested in Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple recently — even though these companies already seem to have maxed out their growth potential — is because I believe that they will be the leaders in AI. Only these companies have the funding and infrastructure necessary to make AI work at a global scale. So either Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or Apple will buy up all the best AI start-ups, or if they are foolish enough not to buy them up, one of those startups will reach a trillion dollar market cap in the next 10 years. That’s my prediction. I also see that Tesla, Adobe, IBM, Oracle, and similar companies might do good really well from AI. The trillion dollar question is: Who will corner the AI market first? This market will be bigger than the entire mobile market. It’s just unclear right now who will dominate it. There is a lot of opportunity here but also a lot of uncertainty about who the top dogs will be.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Think for yourself.

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