By Leo Gura - October 18, 2022

Speaking of genetic freaks and oddball brain wiring, check this out:

This is one of the reasons why psychedelics and spirituality don’t work the same on all people.

The world’s most spiritual people are genetic freaks. This is the dirty secret no spiritual guru tells you. If you feel lonely as a spiritual person, and you wonder, “How come others around me aren’t into spirituality like I am?” It’s because you have unique brain wiring which makes you spiritually attuned while the majority of mankind does not.

You got that high midichlorian count, bro. Don’t squander it. Begin your Jedi training

Psychic abilities are largely genetic. Which is why most people think psychics are woo-woo. They are as woo-woo as 7ft tall humans.

When I was young my father told me of a friend he had in university back in Soviet Russia who had perfect photographic memory. He was able to remember phone numbers for years and could play a game of chess blindfolded, but had problems achieving basic success in school and in life.

When I started my first online business, my first employee, Alex, was an amateur musician with perfect pitch. It’s estimated that 1-5 in 10,000 people have perfect pitch. He was just a natural at music and signing. One day we were having lunch at a restaurant with live music and Alex would call out every time the pianist played the wrong note. It was a busy and noisy restaurant and none of us could hear it but him.

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