Staring Into The Abyss

By Leo Gura - March 16, 2022

A day ago Jordan Peterson posted this message to his followers on YouTube:

“This week, contemplate who you could be if you stare into the abyss. The terror of mortality, insanity, suffering, and of malevolence. By voluntarily doing that, you call upon the strongest part of yourself to respond. If you look into the abyss long enough, past when the abyss looks into you, you don’t see the abyss, you see who you could become in the form of the great ancestral figures nested inside the catastrophe of life. Who you could be is the solution to malevolence and suffering.”

This is good advice. But when you truly stare into the abyss, what you’ll realize is Love and what you’ll become is God. Do not seek to become some great ancestral figure. Realize your true identity as God.

Beyond mortality, beyond insanity, beyond suffering, beyond malevolence is just one thing: YOU ARE GOD, and GOD IS LOVE.

The so-called “abyss” is not an abyss at all, it is INFINITY. The thing behind your eyes reading this sentence is the so-called abyss, but it’s not an abyss, it’s INFINITY.

The solution to malevolence and suffering is Love. Which just so happens to be what you ARE.

Be ware of humans telling you to be a great human. You are not a human! You are God. Don’t let any human convince you otherwise. Understand that they haven’t themselves realized who they are.

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