By Leo Gura - December 8, 2022

This is a great film that shows the horrors of being too liberal with science, specifically genetic engineering:

Notice that many of our current political and social problems stem from radicalization and brainwashing of people via social media. Which stems directly from the culture of Silicon Valley being too liberal. “Move fast and break things” was literally the motto at Facebook, and pretty much all over Silicon Valley and most tech start-ups. But there are trade-offs to such liberalism. “Move fast and break things” is not a valid survival strategy when the stakes are high. Otherwise you move fast and break peoples’ minds. But since breaking minds and breaking democracy is an externality from Facebook’s POV, they can fool themselves into thinking that this strategy is workable. Until it all comes crashing down on them. Which is exactly what a true conservative is trying to defend against.

If you are wary of new technology, if you can foresee all the possible horrors and failure cases, you are a true conservative. But of course you must do this in an even-handed, non-partisan way, not just in ways that benefit your political party to help you win elections. Otherwise your conservatism will be dysfunctional.

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