Soloviev's All-Unity

By Leo Gura - October 30, 2022


So I was basically going through the entire history of Russia, making a study of it, when I stumbled upon a late 19th century philosopher and theologian by the name of Vladimir Soloviev who coined the phrase “All-Unity” (in Russian). As soon as I heard that phrase, I knew this guy got it! So I started digging into his work and found the following paper, which has one of the best articulations of God that I’ve read.

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It truly is amazing when you start digging into the esoteric writings from all cultures and all eras and you find descriptions of God which all align with each other. This is one of your biggest clues that God isn’t just some religious fantasy for soft-minded people. I feel like at some point I should compile a book of just the best descriptions of God from all cultures and all eras. That book would be the best answer to atheists. God gets strawmanned a lot in mainstream culture. Modern culture has extremely juvenile descriptions of God which would make any serious theologian of the past cringe. Mankind has turned God into some kind of joke that only a moron could believe in.

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