Private Parts

By Leo Gura - September 19, 2022

A brilliant film. The remarkable thing about Howard Stern is his insane honesty. It makes him so interesting to listen to. He’s never fronting or trying to act professional. His style is a source of inspiration for my speaking style. I’m still working to reach his level of authenticity and openness. It’s not easy to do but I am inspired by his example and I hope one day my work will be as authentic as his. Stern was a true free speech warrior before it was hip, before the bullshit that conservatives has bastardized it into these days.

Don’t underestimate the power of authenticity if you want to be a leader. People do not want to follow fakeness, they want to follow someone who keeps it real. In a world where most people are fake, challenge yourself to be as real as you can stomach. Howard Stern is proof that it can pay off.

BTW, talk about life purpose! Holy fuck did this man find his. I wish you find your niche as well as him.

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