Poetry In Putin's Russia

By Leo Gura - October 30, 2022

I watched a news report of a young poet in Russia who wrote a poem to protest the “special operation” in Ukraine. He then live-streamed himself reciting it outdoors in Moscow.

The next day a SWAT team broke down his door with a battering ram, arrested him, threatened to rape is girlfriend, stripped him naked, beat him all over his body, raped him with a metal rod from a weightlifting dumbbell, and finally made him record a video apologizing and recanting his poem.

That’s how business is handled in Putin’s Russia.

Leftists have no appreciation for how politics truly works when things get real. These are the realities of creating and maintaining a state that almost nobody appreciates. Maintaining a state is no game. People are so naive about how civilization is built.

One of the things I hope you learn from my work is the utter gravity of collective survival. Your shock, horror, demonization, and moral judgment is preventing you from learning this lesson. I want you to stop judging long enough to really savor this lesson. And integrate it into your notion of God, Truth, & Love. There’s poetry, free speech, and civil rights, and then there’s the cold, hard reality of survival. That reality demands respect.

Be ware of Care Bear spirituality which ignores harsh realities such as these.

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