Old-School Self-Help

By Leo Gura - July 8, 2022

You should be aware that there exists excellent old-school self-help material out there which covers the fundamentals of mastering life — the survival aspects. I cover such topics somewhat, but I also expect you to figure out the basics by yourself because it’s all out there online.

Here’s one example of what I mean:

Make sure that as you’re following my advanced work you nail the basic self-help stuff. Remember that I cover very advanced stuff that goes way beyond what most people need for success. There’s a lot of practical self-help material which I don’t cover because I’m not interested in reinventing the wheel. Although to be fair, I am interested in reinventing the spiritual wheel. But that’s beyond the point here. If your life isn’t working well, focus on nailing the basics, not advanced metaphysical topics.

But! — and this is a big but — don’t get stuck in the shallowness of basic self-help. It’s important but it will not make you satisfied, it will not make for a profound life, and it is nowhere near your full potential as an infinite consciousness.

So, eat your vegetables, then come to me for dessert. It’s infinite

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