Non-Euclidean Virtual Reality

By Leo Gura - January 22, 2022

Consciousness can create worlds like this:

I have experienced non-euclidean consciousness on DMT, where there exist more dimensions and impossible objects that the human mind cannot imagine and that cannot be depicted in 3D space. It would be impossible for me to talk about such things with you because your mind has not the language nor the frames of reference necessary to understand it. But what’s even stranger is that my human mind’s memory does not have the capacity to hold such experiences, such that I cannot even communicate about it to my own self! How that’s for a mindfuck! I have experienced hyperbolic consciousness but I cannot store that experience precisely in my own memory. I only have a fuzzy recollection of it.

What I can tell you is that such an experience is quite terrifying. Subjectively it feels like hyper-dimensional insanity. In other words you become so conscious that it’s like you’ve gone insane in more dimensions than a human mind can imagine. You think regular insanity is scary enough? Try a dose of hyperbolic insanity.

Have you ever wondered what an alien intelligence higher than a human’s might be like? It would be something like this. Imagine an intelligence so high that a human mind cannot think in that many dimensions and would consider it insane. Imagine, for example, being so intelligent that you could look at a person and access their mind, access their memories, and also the memories of their entire chain of ancestors as though you were looking at a grapevine in your mind’s eye. That’s what a truly alien hyper-intelligence would be like. It’s a level of intelligence so high that it seems like pure magic to a human. It would violate all the limits of physics. Now imagine trying to communicate with such an intelligence as a human.

And finally, imagine an infinite intelligence. Imagine an intelligence so high that it can manifest all of reality out of nothing simply using its will. This intelligence exists, and it is God. If you became infinitely intelligent you would gain complete omniscience over how your mind creates reality. This is true Awakening. You are not really awake until you reach this level.

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