MAGA TikTok Madness

By Leo Gura - September 3, 2022

These kind of videos seem like just games — making fun of MAGA people — but the level of brainwashing and delusion of these MAGA zealots is truly disturbing and dangerous. This is a very serious problem for the state of American politics, and really even world politics. This is the real damage that Trump and the right-wing media has done over the last 6 years. They have completely deranged and corrupted the epistemtic foundations of millions of people. These people are totally deluded, aggressively ignorant, completely sure of themselves, and armed. This is basically American Al-Qaeda.

This is about as bad as self-deception gets. And the problem is that once such a level of self-deception takes hold of the human mind, it’s almost impossible to undo. Self-deception of this caliber tends to be life-long. These people have been infected with mind-herpes.

We as a society are not taking this problem seriously enough. The allowance and toleration of this kind of toxic ideology is America’s greatest weakness. If America collapses, it will not be from an external enemy, it will be from the spread of ideologies like this. That this issue is not recognized by a large percentage of the citizenry is profoundly problematic and sick. This is reaching Nazi-Germany and Fascist-Japan levels of brainwashing. The whole world should be worried about this. Anyone who supports the right-wing in America at this point is enabling the spread of this mind-herpes and history will hold you in disgrace for your lack of common sense, your selfishness, and your silence. Every citizen needs to condemn this ideology and also, crucially, to condemn its enablers and promoters — which implicates much of right-wing media and their hosts: FoxNews, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram, Jeanine Pirro, Fox & Friends, OANN, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Tim Pool, Matt Walsh, Charlie Kirk, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, Mike Lindell, Candice Owens, Dan Bongino, Dave Ruben,, Turning Points USA, Daily Wire, The Blaze, PragerU, right-wing talk radio, etc. All together these people and groups create an ecosystem of mind-herpes.

50 years from now people will not believe this shit was real.

When people criticize me for being political, or partisan, or left-wing…


I have been very tame thus far.

This level of human stupidity leaves one at a loss for appropriate words.

Make no mistake. There is no false equivalence.

The American right-wing…

Is criminally, morbidly STUPID!

And nothing about this statement is partisan or biased.

If you can’t understand this. Nothing I say will EVER help you. SO STOP LISTENING!

If you cannot get this, you will never Awaken.

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