Invalidating You

By Leo Gura - August 27, 2022

The surest way to piss off a human is to invalidate their suffering.

Imagine telling someone that their rape is imaginary.

Imagine telling someone that their trauma is imaginary.

Imagine telling a parent that the death of their child is imaginary.

Imagine telling an African-American that slavery is imaginary.

Oh the horror, Leo!

But please, stop playing stupid.

As upsetting as that may be, it does not change the fact that those things are imaginary.

“But Leo! How dare you tell me that my suffering is just some game I play!”

Yeah, well… you play some very serious games. But just because a statement pisses you off does not make it untrue. Just because something hurts like a bitch does not make it true. And just because you’re in a nightmare does not make it real. This isn’t bad news, this is actually a doorway to salvation.

All suffering is imaginary. This is completely unacceptable to the finite self. Because the finite self’s modus operandi is the avoidance of suffering. Which means it has to take suffering as real. To invalidate the self’s suffering is to invalidate the self’s material reality. The realness of suffering is baked into the very core of how self constructs reality. This is not merely a psychological thing, it’s a metaphysical thing.

The point of spirituality is that at high enough levels of consciousness it allows you to see through the illusion of suffering and trauma. This is salvation. But don’t go trying to tell a human that her suffering is imaginary. That will only make humans hate you. Because the finite self is incapable of loving Truth. If you could love Truth, you wouldn’t suffer in the first place. The finite self would rather live in a self-constructed hell than surrender itself to Truth.

Notice this about yourself: you are a suffering and drama addict, and you refuse to give it up because it is completely intertwined with your definitions of reality. It is this way because suffering keeps you alive. If you didn’t care about suffering, you would not survive as a finite human self for very long.

Suffering is the greatest illusion. All God has to do to fool someone into believing that something is real is make it extremely painful. Then 99.9999% of people will never question it.

Humans are too biased and immature to accept this. They want their suffering validated. They want their illusions validated. This is the human condition. Humans are puppets pulled by emotional strings and they cry, kick, and scream like children at the suggestion of cutting those strings.

Waking up requires growing up.

Isn’t it amazing how the greatest news you could possibly be told — that all your suffering and trauma is imaginary — is received by most humans as something horrible and insulting?

Truth is way more serious than people are ready to handle, so usually its best to keep it to yourself. When someone comes crying to you about their misery, you give them comfort, not Truth. An important lesson in your spiritual journey will be learning to meet people where they’re at, not where you’re at. I’ve made this mistake many times.

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