Inside The Alex Jones Cult

By Leo Gura - January 9, 2019

Here’s an outstanding interview by David Pakman with the wife of Alex Jones, offering a rare glimpse into the self-delusion and narcissism fueling the Alex Jone phenomenon.

This is very typical of unhealthy Spiral Dynamics stage Red. Alex Jones is basically an online cult leader.

Watch out! The 21st century will see many more cults forming online. The online medium is ripe for exploitation and weaponization by devils proclaiming themselves to be angels. YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, iTunes, Instagram, etc will all be hijacked by devils to some degree, in the same way that TV, radio, and newspapers were. The devil always thrives in newly developing media because they lack legal regulations and ethical norms. The devil thrives in the wild west, which is one of the fundamental flaws of anarchism and libertarianism. In a wild west environment the biggest devils will rule.

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