IFS Therapy For Trauma Healing

By Leo Gura - August 2, 2022

This is a powerful resource for those of you who have trauma to heal. Here’s how you heal all trauma in a nutshell:

It’s worth watching this entire series as it can transform your life.

Credit to forum user @Ulax for sharing it.

Again, trauma healing is not the focus of Actualized.org, but if you got trauma to heal — and many people do — you should address it because it will hold you back from accessing the advanced stages of development that Actualized.org is focused on.

You might wonder, “But Leo, if trauma is so common and so important, how come you don’t cover it more?”, to which the answer is simply: I’m interested in higher things. Curing world hunger is also important for self-actualization — it’s hard to self-actualize when you’re hungry — but I’m not interested in that. That’s someone else’s domain. Actualized.org is not supposed to solve every problem in your life. Be careful if you expect that.

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