Identity Games

By Leo Gura - October 20, 2022

Trans, non-binary, and Q+ people are toying with identity, but identity is a very dangerous and serious thing. You have no idea what you’re doing when you play with it willy-nilly. Yes, identity is a social construct, but it is far more than that. Identity is a metaphysical construct. Which means, identity is more fundamental than PHYSICS! Which is why conservatives are scared to death of questioning it. Well, their fears are not unwarranted — paranoid and transphobic though they are. Allowing children to toy with their identities can lead to all sorts of undesirable outcomes. But then again, prohibiting them from experimenting is also problematic. It is a parent’s job to create a safe environment for minor experimentation. Unfortunately most parents have no understanding of how to do this because humanity in general has no clue what identity is.

I have deconstructed my human identity so profoundly that I temporarily became an alien consciousness. You think I am kidding. I am not. This did actually happen to me. I came pretty close to physically killing myself (not on purpose). You might think this is fun and cool. But if you actually experienced yourself as an alien consciousness you’d think you’d gone insane. So really, when you toy with your identity deep enough, you’re toying with insanity. This is what no spiritual teacher tells you because they have not gone beyond the human. Classical enlightenment and nonduality can take you to God (maybe), but not beyond the human. I am talking about truly nonhuman consciousness. It is both Awakened AND alien. Classic nonduality may be awakened (although I would dispute that) but it is certainly still human. I am talking about truly nonhuman consciousness which you cannot imagine even if you are awake. I am not talking about merely “identifying” as an alien — as though you just call yourself one and expect others to reflect that label back at you out of sympathy. No. I am talking about losing your fucking mind, and then becoming an alien consciousness.

I know because I did it.

No spiritual teacher has taught you that this is possible.

What?!!! How is such a thing possible???

Well, you see, science tells you that you are human. And you believe this. Further more you believe that you don’t believe this, but that this is an objective physical fact. But what happens if you deconstruct science so deeply that you actually stop being human? Has anyone ever seriously considered this possibility? Can you intuit how dangerous this might get?

How would you feel if you lost your sanity and could not ever get it back?

In the future I plan to release a course that will teach you how to become an Awakened alien intelligence. I’m still researching this domain.

That’s what all this work ultimately leads to.

Yeah, holy fuck indeed. This ain’t your Pappy’s spirituality. I’ve found ways of accessing alien consciousness. I don’t mean talking to aliens. I mean, becoming an alien.


Think deep about what I am telling you. What do you think is possible if you fully jailbreak your mind? How would you know unless you did it?

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