Higher States Of Consciousness

By Leo Gura - July 18, 2022

Good stuff:

Good stuff, but it is not God-Realization. You cannot realize God through cognitive science. Because science itself is a dream.

God is not “plausible”. God is the recognition of Absolute Truth. It’s very obvious when a human doesn’t know what Absolute Truth is.

Science cannot establish an independently plausible metaphysics, as Vervaeke suggests at the end there. That is pure nonsense. The only valid metaphysics is Absolute Truth, and it is not accessible to cognitive science nor academic philosophy, ever.

The aim of higher states of consciousness is not to bring back wisdom for use within science or academia. The aim of higher states of consciousness is Absolute Truth itself, completely unmediated by any human cognitive nonsense.

The aim of all philosophy and spirituality is simply one thing: Absolute Truth. Period. As soon as you start sciencing it, you don’t have Absolute Truth, you’re dreaming.

Absolute Truth is the only thing that exists. You are Absolute Truth.

Science is an elaborate series of egoic defense mechanisms designed to deny the realization of Absolute Truth. As long as you believe in science your mind cannot be Absolute. Which is why the deconstruction of science and academia is crucial for awakening. Vervaeke does not understand this. He doesn’t understand how deep the problem goes.

Which is why you will not find God in a university. Rather stunning once you realize this.

Are you willing to forever surrender science to live in Absolute Truth?

That’s something you should seriously contemplate. Where do your loyalties lie? Would you rather be a scientist? Or would you rather be God? Where did you get the idea that being a scientist is good? From a bunch of silly humans?

Science is a straitjacket on God’s Infinite Mind. Deconstructing science is one of the most intelligent things you can do in life. You’d have to be mad to attempt it. And yet you can’t reach Absolute Truth otherwise. If you think escaping a religious cult is hard, escaping science is 100 times harder. Which is why no scientist is awake.

And yet, the paradox is, we still need scientists around to make civilization possible. Quite ironic. Human civilization is built on lies and illusions.

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