Conservation Of Energy

By Leo Gura - September 5, 2022

What scientists call “energy” is actually consciousness. And of course according to science, matter is just energy, which means matter is consciousness. The most fundamental law of science is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. But why is this the case?

Because consciousness equals God. God cannot die because God is One. It exists in all places at all times, forever. One cannot be killed because it has nowhere else to go, since some place to go would require some other — which would be two — but God is One.

So, the conservation of energy law simply means that God is immortal and reality is One. Scientists don’t understand this because their minds are too divided: science vs non-science is a division.

Things can only be destroyed relatively, within duality. What humans don’t understand is that destruction is just a process of converting one thing into another. Absolute destruction cannot exist. Nothing in the Universe has ever been destroyed, only transformed into another shape. You cannot destroy Infinity because Infinity imagines destruction.

Really grasp this: For destruction to exist, God has to create it first! Which means God itself cannot be subject to destruction because God must exist prior to it. Destruction cannot overtake its Source. Destruction is relative. Creation is Absolute. God is Creation.

But! — you might wonder — What created Creation?! To which the answer is: Creation created itself, since nothing existed that would prevent it from doing so. Any limit you think exists upon Creation, you must realize, first had to be created in order to exist. Contemplate this until you realize that Creation is Unlimited. And that which is Unlimited has the capacity to create itself, which is just another way of saying: God!

The wonder of God is that it was able to do the impossible: create itself from scratch! But how the fuck was it able to do that???

Well, you see… simply because impossibility did not yet exist.

Impossibility is a subset of Possibility. Infinity is the possibility of everything, including the possibility of impossibility.

And so, Infinity is absolutely impossible. And yet, here it is!

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