Blade Runner Vibes

By Leo Gura - August 11, 2022

Some Blade Runner-inspired contemplation music:

I got a new 4K TV recently — Samsung’s 75″ The Frame — after living without a TV for 7 years. I mostly got it to display HD art, but I figured since I have it I might as well watch some films in HD. So I watched Blade Runner 2049. The TV’s design is exceptional, BTW. Truly a work of art. But anyhow…

Blader Runner’s story isn’t so great, but such beautiful world-building and jaw-dropping cinematography. The best part of the film was K’s relationship with Joi. I wish they fleshed that out a lot more rather than focusing on the lame replicants. This scene in 4K is just a work of art:

I watched this scene on 5-MeO-MALT and it blew my fucking mind.

“I want to be real for you.”

What a line! What a genius scene.

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