Biden Worships The Devil

By Leo Gura - October 31, 2022


This is who you will become if you don’t do philosophy properly. So don’t think that philosophy is merely academic. In fact, most of our collective problems can be traced back to people not being taught to do good philosophy. Philosophy is not even taught in most high schools, never mind the Pure Philosophy that I teach. That’s not taught anywhere. Even Buddhists and Vedantists don’t teach it. New Age spirituality, meditation, yoga, and nonduality is NOT Pure Philosophy and will not get you the benefits of Pure Philosophy. No amount of meditation will make you a good thinker. Think about that.

Not doing philosophy is NOT an option. Everyone has some kind of philosophy that runs their life and decisions. There is no such thing as a computer running without an operating system. Acting uninterested in operating systems is not an option. The only question is, how good is your OS?

How good is your philosophy?

Is it possible that your philosophy is responsible for the quality — or lack thereof — of your life? Could it be that simple?

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