Beware Of Celebrity Whores

By Leo Gura - December 17, 2022

Celebrities are some of the most disgusting humans. They have no qualms selling their most loyal fans bullshit. It’s disgusting when the wealthiest of people do these kind of grifts. It’s just ingrained into celebrity business culture that once you’re a celeb, grifting your fans is just par for the course, and most celebrities don’t question it, they go along with the capitalist group-think. Their managers corral them to exploit their fans as much as humanly possible.

Stop buying anything endorsed by celebrities. Stop buying their “merch” too. They are just exploiting you. Don’t be a sucker. I swear, fans who adore these celebrities are like women in abusive relationships who just keep coming back for more. Leave! Quit! Don’t be held hostage by someone’s art. Have more respect for yourself than that. As soon as you see your fave artist or celebrity grifting and whoring, cut them off. Don’t do business with low-integrity people out of principle.

While you’re at it, have enough intelligence to stop being lured in by promises of easy wealth, fame, power, sex, beauty, fitness, health, and happiness. Anyone promising you that is manipulating you for their own gain. These things can never be fast, easy, or cheap if they are legitimate. You can have wealth, fame, power, sex, beauty, fitness, health, happiness, but you must create it through hard work and serious strategic planning.

Reach a point in your development where someone offers you free, fast, easy wealth, fame, power, sex, beauty, fitness, health, or happiness and you don’t even feel an impulse to jump on it. You just turn your head to your life purpose and your work.

As a man, it’s very important that you reach a point where if the wrong woman offers you easy sex, you can turn it down. Rather than pouncing on it like a starving dog on a bone.

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