A Warning About Solipsism

By Leo Gura - July 19, 2022

While it is true that You/God is Absolute Self with no other, I have to warn you that whatever ideas you have of this, of solipsism, are fantasies and NOT what I am talking about.


It’s not that solipsism is false, it’s that you profoundly misunderstand what solipsism is.

Really get this. It will save you a lot of suffering.

If you are suffering on account of existential aloneness or awareness of there not existing anything outside of your self and your mind, you are NOT Awake!

REALLY, please get this.

There is no suffering with God-Realization.

I am not putting you down for not getting it. It’s okay if you don’t get it yet. I just don’t want you to suffer needlessly by falling into this trap. This is a particularly advanced trap that I myself have fallen into in the past.

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