How many goals to foucs on in life/phase?

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I am 21 years old and a very ambitious guy with a lot of passion for life. The only problem is there are just so many things in life I want to do and with limited time. There are so many things I want to master or at least get very good at. Here is a list:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Biology
  • Life-purpose (painting/art)
  • Politics and geopolitics
  • Pick-up (10000 approaches) my goal
  • Working out for health and decent body-physique
  • 100% clean diet.
  • Get rich
  • Speak fluently in German, Spanish and French
  • Learn martial art
  • Reach deepest awakenings one can get to (spirituality)
  • Reach stage stage turquoise spiral dynamics
  • Explore different states on consciousness on over 61 different psychedelics

I am having a hard time figuring out where to put my time and energy into. It might be a bad idea to focus on all of them at once each day.

Currently I am working on learning math, chemistry, working out, life-purpose and pick-up. Any pro advice? 

  1. How many things should I focus on during each day, how many hours for each thing? 
  2. What should I prioritize to get the best life possible?
  3.  Can I master more than 1 thing?
  4. How do I learn it all during my lifetime? Learning to speak fluently in German, Spanish and french might take some time. 

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Focus less on the how to do something and more on how it feels to be deeply engaged in such activities. Your internal compass guides you.

Why did the pizza maker go broke? Because they couldn't make enough dough!

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I would say (as someone more than twice Your age), that Your a bit fragmented right now, too many goals and those goals probably are not even original too You, but picked up from watching others and what they are doing and supposedly living.  I was lucky I accidentally walked into learning Wing Chun, I didn't intend to learn or teach any Martial art at Your age, but it came into my life and basically that is all I could think about for 5 or 6 years, since then I don't practice anymore but taught up until covid hit the scene so that was over 30yrs of teaching and research, so it was great for me. Since then in 2009 I found a Yogic Guru (Sadhguru) and use his practice to find Bliss and Enlighenment, but I research others, both Martial Arts and Spirituality are passions of Mine, I still work for a living, am married to a much Younger woman from a totally different culture than mine (never thought this would happen lol), and live in a terrible big city with all its chaos, I think of it as a spiritual challenge..So hopefully You find one or two things to focus on, that come Your way and Your super passionate about it, but first and foremost start a Yoga/Mediation practice, find a method that appeals to You, do it daily, make Yourself Happy and Healthy naturally, this will be with You your entire life and thereafter, the other things may come and go, but that won't and it will serve You well:)

Karma Means "Life is my Making", I am 100% responsible for my Inner Experience. -Sadhguru..."I don''t want Your Dreams to come True, I want something to come true for You beyond anything You could dream of!!" - Sadhguru



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