Cold Approach is Easy

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On 1/8/2024 at 0:04 AM, Cocolove said:

I've been doing it every day. It is so fun to just socialize and you can just do it while you go about your day. There really is no downside to just doing it when you get the chance and building a daily habit. 

I just started a few weeks ago and after like 30 approaches I went from having extremely horrible anxiety to just having fun and not being worried. Interactions already going way better. It's like an ice bath, you just can't think about it b. You meditate and stay present and when the opportunity arises you just do it instead of making it be this whole stressful thing.

I hate giving women the power to reject me and boosting her ego at my expense. Women need to be more proactive and share in the risk, simple as that. Ultimately though I didn't always have to be the one to "man up" and approach women. My wife approached me first and she wasn't the first to do that.

These outdated gender roles can go roger themselves.

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