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John Iverson

Question for Leo about his Lessons about Visionary in his blog

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As I read your blog about vision It came up to me that what you are saying humans either they have it or they don't. But we are doing this together Am I right? It happened that I do my part doing vision so it happened that I can say to myself that I am now a visionary, yeaaaa! Isn't it we work this out together Leo?? Or it happens that the joke is on me I have the special genes that since birth I am a visionary?Given Leo that growing up it really struct me to just letting my subconscious mind to come out my what I came here for?


Lately I have my realization that the subconscious mind is responsible for the actions, your Avatar resides to the subconscious telling me this is your uniqueness not just limited to what I want to do and create, this is who you are, what imprinted to you by God is all in the subconscious.. You just have to learn to listen??? I do not know Leo you tell meeee but I just realize that. I can say this to you Leo that since I was a child I did not now or this is not clear to me back then that yes I do not want to contemplate things, my personality is not into thinking who am I or what is this life or anything.. All my life is just doing or now I can say that letting my subconscious mind go, my mind always want in solitude not to question about anything but letting myself being open to my subconcious mind (the power of the subconscious and letting the subconscious control me) haha you know why myself gravitates towards you hahaha, also until now there is still part of me doing things like taking nootropic drugs for me to be open about the potential of something will come, unfold, manifest in to physical reality the manifesting of my Avatar here and inspiring my uniqeness to others that the subconscious mind will reveal to the world like heyy this is possible to come in to physical reality: This is possible creativity, capacity, capability, ability, idea, innovation or anything that right now we do not know the finish canvas of this it is like a painting that is not yes fully put in detail the image is not complete . Did you get what I  trying to say about letting myself and subconscious unfold to me and to the mankind plus doing psychedelics and nootropic drugs. I am the test subject and you are the scientist who will write down the data from me. 


And ohhh PS : I took my Phosphatidyl Serine this is my second pill, the first one I tool before I go to office. It just so happen life revealed to me earlier that I have 11,100 pesos in my bank account, I did not know that the company I worked will give me that salary because in my mind they do not accept me I failed my training but life is generous how is that even possible I thought I am just waiting for my back pay but that is not back pay, they paid my last days of work but there is on December 15 I will get my real back pay.. Whaaaaat? Back pay that is my Service Charge, Tax return and 13th month pay. So wowwww haha I keep practicing the I am abundant affirmation and life give what I give so anyway back to I am trying to say here, so I took my PhosphatidylSerine for 2nd time after I ate my dinner because I am anticipating more money next month and I bought books from the booklist I thought It will just 5k pesos I was shocked that it is 9k huhhhh so I do not have anynore money I have my other things to buy but now change of planssssss. I am writing this with 2nd dose of PhosphatidylSerine and this is  what  possibility that my Subconconscious Mind can manifest. I do not know the terms here but you are better at words so you can tell us the subconscious mind at work hahaha.

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