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Your true nature is peaceful awareness

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On 12/9/2023 at 9:57 AM, Someone here said:

Nothing  complicated about it.

"It gets simple when you get simple." Adyashanti 

A thought I had after one of his meditations:

It's just the deepest simplicity in all of existence. 

No peace could ever match that, is there anything else that can even be called peace? 

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19 hours ago, Bazooka Jesus said:

See, the freedom to stop playing the game is the freedom to fully immerse yourself in the game. If that sounds like a paradox to you, don't worry... once you truly start to realize that which is being pointed at, a lot of stuff that might have sounded incredibly paradoxical before will all of a sudden make perfect sense to you.

Ok thank you @Bazooka Jesus

☺️ I feel like I’m here within this realization right now and it’s definitely NEW AF in comparison to other times when I *thought*I was here if that makes sense. I’m sure there’s a zillion more layers to it but I also feel like *holy moly, WHY NOT play?*.

Feels like that is kinda the point- to PLAY.

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