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Embrasing Your Demons And Following Your Heart!

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This may be a little controversial for some of you, but Ive been reading an interesting book called the happiness trap by Dr Russ Harris (Get out of your mind and into your life by Steven Hayes seems good also) and it talks about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which combines cognitive behavioural therapy with mindfulness and living a value based life. I think the fact that it says the word "therapy" is misleading, since it can be used for anyone. I have found it extremely useful for dealing with negative thoughts, emotions, and painful physical sensations. It essentially asks you to defuse from thoughts, accept whatever you experience, be in the moment, pay attention to the observing self, assess your values and live your life according to those values, instead of living a life of things you feel like doing. Ive also found it useful for ending procrastination, because while I don't feel like doing a task, I value it, and so it always gets done. I definitely recommend it if you're suffering. With ACT, you can use negative emotions as a way to improve your mental health, rather than have it be a barrier to having good mental health and happiness. Keep an open mind and let me know what you think guys.

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