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My 1st Spiritual Enlightenment and Awakening Experience (I am Absolutely Alone)

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My 1st Spiritual Enlightenment and Awakening Experience (I am Absolutely Alone) by Muhammad Jawad in English Join me as I share my first-ever experience with spiritual enlightenment and awakening! This profound moment changed my life forever. I'll describe my journey leading up to the awakening, including my exploration of meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual practices. Something just clicked one day while I was meditating and I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of oneness, pure joy, and inner peace. I'll do my best to articulate this blissful state of higher consciousness I reached, a feeling of being connected to all of life and the entire universe. It felt as if I tapped into a deep well of wisdom and clarity that had been dormant within me all along. I experienced the dissolution of my ego and detachment from all my worries. A feeling of unconditional love and acceptance towards all beings emerged. I obtained new insights into the nature of reality and being. This awakening has led me to live my life with more meaning, purpose, compassion, and gratitude. I'm excited to share this profoundly moving and magical experience! Let me take you through my spiritual journey and describe this life-changing moment of enlightenment.







Me & My World is the imagination of The Nothing. 

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