Reality is an Optical Illusion. You Are A Rainbow! ?

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What if I told you that the world we perceive around us is nothing more than an optical illusion, a grand mirage that stems from the mere assumption of local perspective?

You Are A Rainbow! ?

Let's dive into this thought-provoking concept and explore the idea that we are not just local beings, but rather an infinite, formless, quantum field of potential energy; Pure Light.

Our perception of Reality is shaped by our belief that we are localized beings, a self, existing at the center of our own experiences. However, this assumption might be a mistaken interpretation deeper truth; that we are fully, and totally interconnected, with the entire universe, a part of an infinite, formless field of energy.

Indeed, this basic assumption of locality as one being within an otherwise nonlocal field is the very cause of space-time curvature, also known as gravity, Love, and Logos. Our perceptions, assumptions, and beliefs act literally as a focal lens for Light.

You Are The Logos.

Rainbows only appear because of the "lensing effect" of perspective. A rainbow has no definite location except as an appearance to the observer. YOU always appear to be in the center at which Light converges on. YOU are the focal point in which the rainbow can appear to.

A Trick of Perspective. Like A Rainbow. ? 

Consider two parallel lines extending towards the horizon, and notice as you trace their path further away, they appear to eventually converge at Infinity.


This simple, yet common visual phenomenon challenges our very notions of space and locality, hinting at the illusionary nature of our perception. Similarly, when a plane flies overhead in a straight line, its path seems to curve along the dome-like shape of the sky.

Have you ever noticed how the entire world seems to revolve around you? Even the sun, moon, and stars appear to rotate all around us, giving us a sense of centrality. You are literally at the center of the observable Universe.

But what if this too is an illusion? What if our perception of being at the center of everything is merely a trick of our limited perspective? A very, very, basic assumption made by an Infinite Mind?

Now, this might lead to the intriguing question: are we gods? Is our perception of centrality and our ability to shape reality indicative of divine powers?

Perhaps, but let's consider an alternative viewpoint. What if, rather than god-like beings, we are simply focal points of the infinite intelligence that permeates the Universe?

The singularity of a black hole, where all matter and energy converge, might serve as an analogy for this idea. We are the focal point of an Infinite, Intelligent Energy, each with a unique perspective amid an infinity of others, all contributing to the grand symphony of existence.

Science tells us that the mesmerizing phenomenon of a rainbow is a mirage, an illusion formed by the observer's perspective. But what if consciousness itself is like a rainbow? What if the convergence of light and colors in a rainbow symbolizes the convergence of perspectives in consciousness? Each one of us has a unique perspective, yet together, we create the vibrant tapestry of life.

The very world we perceive is identical to the optical illusion that is the rainbow, a grand mirage shaped and informed by our limited perspective. We are not merely localized beings, but rather interconnected with an infinite, formless field of energy. The convergence of parallel lines, the curving path of a plane, and the sense of centrality all hint at the illusory nature of our reality.

As we embrace this perspective, we gain a deeper appreciation for the richness and interconnectedness of our existence. Our consciousness becomes the rainbow of life, a beautiful trick of perspective in the infinite symphony of existence.

From the very moment we open our eyes to this world, we find ourselves at the epicenter of our experiences. It is as if we wear the spectacles of subjectivity, coloring everything we see with the hues of our emotions, beliefs, and perspectives. This subjective lens shapes the very fabric of our reality, molding it into a breathtaking optical illusion.

Just like the elusive rainbow that dances across the sky, reality arches and bends around us. We chase after it, hoping to grasp its vibrant colors, yet it always seems just out of reach. We revel in moments of joy, and the world around us sparkles like a dazzling array of colors, painting an ethereal tapestry in our minds. Conversely, in times of sorrow, the world darkens, and the vibrant spectrum turns to shadows, engulfing us in a storm of emotions.

In this dance of perception and reality, we create our own mirages, weaving intricate patterns that tantalize our senses. These mirages can be so vivid, so convincing, that we may lose ourselves in them, losing sight of what lies beyond the illusion. But in each of these shimmering mirages, we find the truth of our existence—the essence of who we are and what we believe in.

Consider, for a moment, the way we interact with others. As we gaze into the eyes of another soul, we are drawn into their universe, where they, too, are the center. In this magical meeting of perspectives, we find connection and understanding, and we realize that the grand tapestry of reality is woven from the threads of countless subjective experiences.

Yet, in the midst of this breathtaking dance, we must remember the fragility of our perception. We must remain humble, for just like a mirage shimmering in the desert heat, our reality can be transient, ever-changing. It is essential to acknowledge that our perspective is but one of many, and the ultimate truth of reality may lie beyond the grasp of any single individual.

So, let us embrace the beauty of being the center of our own universe, for it grants us the power to shape our reality, to create meaning and purpose. But let us also recognize that we are not alone in this cosmic dance. We share this world with billions of other centers, each painting their own masterpiece of existence.

As we marvel at the grand illusion of our reality, let us seek harmony and understanding with one another, for in our collective tapestry of perspectives, we find the kaleidoscope of humanity's true colors. And in this beautiful symphony of subjectivity, we can uncover the profound interconnectedness that binds us all together in this vast and mysterious universe.


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If you divide white light with a crystal or water it creates a rainbow and if you combine the rainbow of material pigments together into one it creates black.

Contemplate that...

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6 hours ago, SOUL said:

If you divide white light with a crystal or water it creates a rainbow and if you combine the rainbow of material pigments together into one it creates black.

Contemplate that...

I'm pointing at something. Black pupil, black mirror. The mirror is black when there's no light. Reality is all black when you re not dreaming the reality, light, colors, forms. All a dream.


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"Words mean something because they point to meaning beyond themselves."



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@Anahata Oh, you are pointing at something, ok, well, then nevermind.

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There is nothing illusory about quenching your thirst 

Free yourself from attachment; Free yourself from fear; Free yourself from desire; Take deep breaths through the diaphragm and train that muscle; Meditate and meld with reality; Never skip spirit day 🙏 🤲 Don't have enemies, they are you.

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