Does This Vision Sound Like I am Spreadimg Myself too Thin?

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@Leo Gura

A vision that really touches me is to make live music that generates enough revenue, to create physical systems that reduce pollution. 

E.g. a huge music festival that uses revenue to create an organic farm, devices that collect plastic in rivers, creating conservation properties. 


Lol picking a lane is so hard, I want to develop and share profound wisdom, I want to creatively inspire people with my music, I want to protect the environment by creating actual infrastructure that brings more nature into the world by planting trees and help to reduce the toxic load of the world, not just talking about it and being an "activist". 


My role models are people like Rudolph Steiner who was a philosopher, but also invented a sophisticated agricultural system. Steve Irwin who used revenue from his Zoo to create conservation properties, James Cameron who is a successful artist but also does observational science work, and has his own school with an awesome education structure. 


I thought of starting by putting on gigs in my city that crowdfund for community gardens, equipment for river cleanups, and then scaling this model as high as I can take it. 


Does it sound like I'm ambitious and am visioning as an expression of my values? 

Or am I being greedy and not facing the emotional discomfort of picking a niche lane and niche impact? 


I turned 22 in April, I'm really late to the party, but if I committed my life to being maximally insightful, impactful and creative I think I'd die trying. 

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How much progress have you made towards your vision?


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All I can say is I'm 34 and not giving up on my life purpose.

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