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9 hours ago, MsNobody said:

@How to be wise Yes but I'm not talking about money, I'm talking about abundance. 

I've watched this one, thank you!

Do you mean law of attraction?

"Not believing your own thoughts, you’re free from the primal desire: the thought that reality should be different than it is. You realise the wordless, the unthinkable. You understand that any mystery is only what you yourself have created. In fact, there’s no mystery. Everything is as clear as day. It’s simple, because there really isn’t anything. There’s only the story appearing now. And not even that.” — Byron Katie


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The value of a video on youtube is not just in the information, which you can find anywhere if you look, it's also in who is presenting it.

I concur that it would be cool to hear Leo talk about this.

Learn to resolve trauma. Together.

Testimonials thread:

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