Reply to Leo on Lex Fridman Podcast?

By Danioover9000,
@MsNobody    Just to let you know, when I was searching for your comment in Instagram it's gone. I think the algorithm automatically removes comments with hyper links to websites, or another possibility is that Lex Fridman's editor or PR manager or himself removed that comment. Maybe less likely for Leo Gura and Lex to interview, especially given how Leo's podcast interview with Charlie from charisma on command and Curt Jaimungal went. I predict it's likely Lex will be very defensive when they talk about science and epistemology, or some spirituality, psychedelics, and Awakening and INFINITE.    If interview happens, I will look forward to analyzing their body language, micro expressions, tonality and word choices per topic the podcast covers and will see if Leo Gura or Lex Fridman give deceptive or defensive signs or some other signs.