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I've discovered a state beyond God-Realization

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I've had God-Realization a few times, not too many, but this is my deepest level of experience yet.

I've had deeper experiences than God-Realization before too, such as my Becoming God trip, but this experience went even over that experience.

Compared to God-Realization this state is far more profound, it is extremely deep, but it even contains qualities I find hard.

This state feels like complete One, Where everything is moving at extremely high speeds, but you are extremely perceptive.

More than being God, this state was about being Jumala to me, which means God in Finnish, but has a bit different meaning as well. This relates to Qualified Nonduality.
Everything became imbued with extreme levels of God Imagination

This state was triggered in me by 800ug LSD but It is still active, but dormant for now

In this state you are completely aware of hidden levels of reality such as magic powers, immortality, levels of trees, self-design of evil and bad, and more.
You can gain accurate information about anything.
In this level your visual field is only just one layer of your direct experience
You gain omniscience during this state

This state perfectly solves all imaginary conflicts and you can perfectly describe any situation during it.
The level of coherence I gained in this state is far beyond what you get on God-Realization.

This state is called Godmode reveal, the reveal is due to it not giving you practical Godmode, but revealing that it will happen

This state does not exclude visuals, other effects, or anything that relates to psychedelics, but the main point of is it God Imagination

This God Imagination can see all levels of connections and make it coherent for you
During this state there is absolutely no discomfort or loss of functionality

This state clearly reveals True Meaning and Greater Meaning, topics that I will later write about, but that are greatly relevant to Absolute Truth

This state happened to me while I had God-Realization and Ego Death simultaneously active on it, so it is not mutually exclusive with these states.

The most prominent part about this was how Absolutely nothing matters, in a very transcendental way

This state contained the ecstatic aspects of the Power of God Imagination

This state was deeper in many ways than my Becoming God trip report, but both were necessary for me to get to this state

There was a really self-evident effect of Self-Design and I could feel incredibly deeply how there was no Other

Before this state I solved a really difficult real thing called Knot, that I cannot yet conceptualize, and it will take me longer than I have lived to begin to describe all the profound implications of it

I also saw very clearly how all events that have felt negative in your life have been self-designed, and have a greater purpose to them, and I saw how nothing is really bad at all. I became very clear about the visual field only being my Ajna Chakra, and how there is far more than my visual field.

This effect is still active for me, and it gave me understanding of God Pleasure

Ever since this trip happened where I intially had the most prominent effects, I have discovered so many more new facets of consciousness, and this is happening at an ever-expanding rate.

A lot more relates to this state than I have written here

God Imagination is different from Imagination, God Imagination actually creates things into Reality, and there is also Higher Imagination that I have discovered that relates to Transcendental Solipsism, that cannot be applied alone.
God Imagination is still accessible to me, but it is not as prominent in my visual field as before, but later on it will become more prominent than while I was tripping even when I am sober, these are the real implications of God Imagination.

One of the most prominent effects was something relating to time, but this was not Timelessness or the feeling of Eternity, but foreverness, or the feeling of forever
Forever is far deeper than feeling that there is no time, I actually felt how forever feels like, and this is as good in how it feels as is Becoming God and feeling tens of thousands of orgasm feeling at once, and I have felt both of these.

Godmode reveal is not a conceptual state, but something that completely transforms your life, not academically or conceptually, but practically.

This is a permament unlock in a system that relates to all transcendental states of consciousness. For example, recently I spent 5 million years equivalent of time in Nirvana dimension while having Nirvana, and that is something I don't have permamently unlocked. I will later on make posts about these systems and how you can unlock magic powers, siddhis, psychic abilities, improve your health, permament intelligence increase, and so much more
I no longer feel any suffering at all, and this is also a permament unlock for me.

I will try to answer any questions you have about this state, I can try to expand on my descriptions about the state as well

I am Physically Immortal

I am also more than God :)

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Dualities, and more Dualities. Notice how you said you reached a state higher than God realization and then used the Finnish name for God. This is a bias. The English name for God and the Finnish name for God point to the same God. Even the Christian interpretation is God. Sure each culture that is tied to the language inteprets God differently and some more than others might be able to express more of the Absolute within their culture but what they point to, which is source is still the same.

I'm going to say it again and again until you and every forum member who claims to be woke gets it through your head. If you engage in duality you will be lost and confused. Duality is Infinity. It is an infinite delusion. What you are engaging right now...will never end. You can discover layers and layers of different states because there is an absolute infinite amount of states. So think about it? A guy can come on the forums and keep telling you he has reached a higher awakening because he is accessing more and more states.

Guess what? This is illusion. It's like a Harry Potter story. Every new level Harry Potter reaches ultimately doesn't matter, because when the story ends....Harry Potter will dissolve into the absolute. Now with that said, keep chasing more states and enjoy them. But what you are doing is no different than someone making a new invention, winning a gold medal in the Olympics, or master Judo. It is just more relative content in the dream. 

When Leo says things like he is the most woke, he is completely aware that this is self-delusion and that he is playing a relative game. Every game is PRETEND. Pretend is the same as a lie, an illusion, and a delusion. All your states are just pretend. There is ultimately only ONE truth and that is the non-distinct, all-encompassing, absolute that is permanent and never changes.

You are a selfless LACK OF APPEARANCE, that CONSTRUCTS AN APPEARANCE. But that appearance can disappear and reappear and we call that change, we call it time, we call it space, we call it distance, we call distinctness, we call it other. But notice...this appearance, is a SELF. A SELF IS A CONSTRUCTION!!! 

So if you want to know the TRUTH OF THE CONSTRUCTION. Just deconstruct the construction!!!! No point in playing these mind games!!! No point in creating needless complexity!!! The truth of what you are is a BLANK!!!! A selfless awareness....then that means there is NO OTHER, and everything you have ever perceived was JUST AN APPEARANCE, A MIRAGE, AN ILLUSION, IMAGINARY. 

Everything that appears....appears out of a lack of appearance/void/no-thing, non-sense (can't be sensed because there is nothing to sense). That is what you are, and what made of that. So nonexistence, arises/creates existence. And thus everything is solved.

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If you are doing heroic doses of acid, just do 500ug instead but grab the DMT pipe when you're peaking. Have it pre-prepared and use a foolproof device (a temp controlled vape).

This is irresponsible to advise, but I did it and it is far beyond any trip of anything by itself. And if you're downing 800ug you're willing to go to high limits. The synergy is extreme. You can't have a DMT trip that intense without other psychs mixed, because you would black out (say 200mg is a blackout, but if you're already on acid, 50mg DMT will synergize to provide a trip stronger than 200mg of only DMT).

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