How to reduce a tempting behaviour without eliminating it

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There's two things I want to cut down on: listening to music, and masturbation:

I don't have a particualrly strong addiction to either, I don't spend a ton of time on them each day but I find that they can be a crutch for me at times for procrastinating on work etc, so I want to remove that dependency I sometimes have with them.

I find it easy to remove addictions by going cold turkey like I did with youtube, but I'm not interested in no-fap whatsoever, and I also don't want to go cold turkey with music.

Personally I don't know any other way to remove an addiction besides cold turkey

Like if i was trying to reduce eating chocolate cake, it wouldn't work for me to say "I can eat x amount a day but I have to wail til 6pm to eat it". I'd just spend the day thinking about when i get to eat chocolate cake at 6pm. 

In summary: I don't want to go cold turkey, so i'm looking for a way to reduce them, but without it feeling like i'm restricting myself and making me want to do them more


Would appreciate your input


thank you

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Posted (edited)

The easiest way is to find some better alternatives to focus your energy and time on.

For example, if you started a business I guratantee you'd jerk off less than just sitting a home doing nothing.

When it comes to listening to music, you just need to take breaks. Don't listen to any music for 2 weeks or a month. Then listen to it occassionally, not constantly. You can probably find an app for your phone to disable your music app for most of the day.

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@Leo Gura thank you I appreciate the reply

I definitely think that’s true, as I’m starting a business at home and on days where I’m really busy, i'm focused on other things so I don't really think about masturbating at all

Out of interest, like with music, do you think it would work to temprarily quit masturbation for like two weeks or a month?
I can foresee that permanent no-fap would be a mistake and probably lead to a lot a lot of frustration, sexual repression, shame etc, but i'm wondering if quitting it for 2 weeks or a month and then going back to it would lessen the addiction, and allow me to use it in a healthy way?

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@HMD thank you I appreciate it!

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