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Lately I started to get cold hands and feet, also feeling pretty cold - im worrying it could be something bad.. I've read online it could be hypothyroidism, anemia, or peripheral artery disease.

What should I do? I've talked to my doctor about having cold hands and he said it'a normal. But i'm feeling pretty cold lately still.

Do you know any tests, check-ups or what I should say to a doctor to send me to the right place?

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It's not normal.

Hypothyroidism is the most likely cause, but it could be other things.

Get a blood test for TSH, Free T3, and Free T4.

Also check your Vitamin D3 levels, Iron, B12, etc.

If all that is normal, then get a comprehensive hormone levels blood test.

I get cold hand and feet a lot. I've found that your diet affects it too. So consider testing out other diets. I get cold hands and feet especially on vegetarian diet. And it goes away completely on carnivore diet.

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Are you eating enough calories in the first place? 

Also, are you sitting for long periods of time in a cold room without moving? 

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