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How to become more politically aware?

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One of the things I have noticed in my life is that at every stage of development my worldview has gotten more inclusive and larger. Meaning that my baseline awareness has gotten bigger and includes more and more things. This is the fundamental difference between development levels. This also allows you to transcend limitations of your previous stage when you become more aware.

For example, when I was around 6/7 years old all I was aware of was my immediate surroundings, myself and my direct experience. Both my spatial and temporal awareness was limited to the here and now. By the time I reached 11/12 years of age, my spatial awareness expanded to my local area and a vague idea of being in a country and an even vaguer notion of the planet Earth. My temporal awareness could only go as far as a week, and even though I knew certain events would be coming up past a week, at the time of making a decision I wouldn't be taking all of that into account. By the time I reached 14 I would be aware of the internet landscape(a part of spatial awareness) and diversity of people on it(I never went out very much). My temporal awareness shifted to a few months. I am 18 now and my awareness is yet again wanting to jump up, this time to a good awareness of my state and a better awareness of my country and the rest of the globe. My temporal awareness only goes upto a year right now, as I don't consider a longer timeframe when making decision unless I consciously decide to.

Gaining more awareness means you are able to make better decisions and are more emotionally stable. I used to cry at the slightest insult in school, until the day my awareness expanded to other people's 'selves' too. Meaning I started imagining them having distinct selves just like I have one. Which made it clear that they had their own opinions and them saying something about me doesn't change me.

The next step for me is to become politically aware, globally and nationally. For the last few years my understanding of how big the earth is and how big countries really are has expanded hugely, my perspective on the diversity that exists in human culture, opinions and worldviews has also expanded. Politics, I believe is something I need to be very aware of to reach this next level of development. History is also massive so I am looking into that as well. I really want to reach temporal awareness of atleast the next 5-10 years, and a spatial awareness of my country and the globe.

I have never watched news on my own will or looked into this kind of stuff so I am very clueless. I downloaded this app which gives you short articles on current news which you can scroll through but that's about it. What are your suggestions to increase my awareness?

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