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Should I commit to career over dating?

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- I'm 24, recovering from weed addiction and maybe also gambling addiction.

- For the moment I don't have a job, however I'm working on that aspect.

- I've come far in my development journey, and I believe I gathered quite some insights and experience. However I've also neglected my financial situation and my physique. I know that now I want to work on those.

- I also know myself, and besides withdrawal or times of insanity, I always was with some kind of girlfriend/s, after I got good at attracting the opposite sex.

I've asked a few friends I consider high value (all of them are neurotic in a way) in regards to my focus and what / how should I do. 

They told me that I should focus solely on my physique and career, and maybe have a hookup here and there for when I feel the need to. My peak being around 28-35, it makes sense to focus on building and after I'm good in those regards, to start dating again.

Here comes the shocker: I'm kinda missing a special connection with someone :O. I don't care about sex that much, as I can get it relatively easy. Also I'm kinda over low quality people.

I also know that dating in a proper way takes a lot of time and screening, lots of fails, like there are in sales.

What and how would you choose?

Would you pick to focus on career solely?

Would you try to have a balance?


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It makes sense to have some dedicated time for building your Life Purpose and then some for dating. But you don't have to work 5 years on your LP straight before you can consider to start dating.

You could burst 4 weeks into your LP and then have a slow week where you get some dates in.

You don't have to go extreme, there is nuance here. Which depends on your situation and your personality.


In general, when you build a strong foundation for your 30s. Dating will be a lot easier.

So in that regard your friends are right I would say.

But at the same time you can find a dream partner right now.

No one is stopping you.

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