Are women on dating apps broken? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Not saying I hit the nail on the head -

But I def do know a part of finding good girls is a numbers game. There's a lot of good girls out there and also some abusive people like you mentioned. Finding your type takes time 

One suggestion is to find your non-negotiables and what you want from a girl. Your type should also be - 

girls that are into you and sure about you, who feel a good chemistry/connection with, integrous and empathetic etc. That would rule out a lot of the girls you're talking to 


And also there's what leo mentioned about raising your value 

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Women on dating apps are not that great.  

My recommendation is to do enough psychedelics and spiritual practice to open your Ajna (3rd eye) Chakra so that you have access to your clairvoyant and psychic abilities.  Then present yourself in as many situations as possible with attractive women with an open navel and heart chakra.  Have strong and pure intentions to attract a partner.  

Go for the taller ones, relative to your height.  Like similar height females.  You need good genes so your baby is a successful person.   

Trust me, this is underrated 10 out of 10 advice.  No expert will give you this sort of incredible advice.  

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@illusory It's very simple, if you had a high-level job, none of those girls would have left you. if you were a famous youtuber with millions of followers, they would have crawled in front of you, calling you oh my love, do you need me to shine your shoes? but if you're a normal guy with a shitty job... life is hard

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