The death of masculinity?

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In our current socio-political environment, confusion has reached a peak in the last few years. Humans have always been confused, but now, we are again entering a period where humanity is reaping the fruits of its karma. Confusion, ideological madness, selfishness, suffering have once again reached impressive peaks. Among the consequences of human ignorance is the disconnection from fundamental instincts and a lack of alignement with our masculine and feminine energies. These energies have been corrupted and thus, their toxic or shadow sides are being expressed in their ugliest forms. Men are either passive and weak or excessively aggressive and antagonistic. Woman are either pathologically masculine(cold, independent, angry etc) in a way that frustrates their fundamental feminine instincts or pathologically feminine(manipulative, opportunistic, deceiving etc). These imbalances are the product of an interconnected web of wider sociological, ideological, political(etc), energetic dynamics that constitute humanities karma. And thus, as the whole, so the unit, and the macro dynamics being pathological, the micro is affected in a similar way and vice versa in a self feeding (strange) loop.  

I write all of this as a warning. The masses are lost, undifferentiated with their culture for the simple fact that who they are is the product of energetic dynamics playing out in higher planes of reality, so their behavior and existence follows a predictable pattern. They are guided by higher beings and they are not aware of the deeper mechanisms that are at play influencing and corrupting their souls. Their existence is based on the hand they’ve been dealt between their bloodline and the wider whole and they are the unconscious products of their environment. So pathologies and imbalances of all kinds are expected from them. But you, the people found in communities such as this one have a duty to not be lost at sea with the rest of the collective. It is your responsibility to increase your consciousness to the point of severing your unconscious connection to the forces that have shaped you, and shape yourself, carve your soul to be in the highest image possible, the image of God. (And God made man in his image!). But as conscious as we may be, we had no choice to bear a karmic weight coming from the wider whole and unfortunately I know many of you had your connection to your instincts highly damaged due to reasons mentioned above, and have been the victim of energetic imbalances. Divine masculinity and Divine femininity(the most adapted, authentic, aligned and functional expression of our energies) must be restored.

Here’s a great video breaking down the issue at hand and correlating the problem to wider international dynamics that we see playing out right now. It’s a high level Yellow/strategist breakdown of the problem of disconnection from instincts and the individual and worldly consequences of such disconnection:

As you’ll notice it’s not a “fresh and fit” bullshit type of video where unconscious individuals unaware of higher dynamics critique and bash the other side from a low consciousness paradigm but it’s a high paradigm, unbiased systematic, multi perspectival analytic breakdown of the ROOT CAUSE of the the problems that many if not most individuals face in relation to their instincts. For woman they also made a terminal lucidity of the feminine. Connect back with your instincts! You can’t awaken unless you individuate. The lesser mysteries(self actualization, trauma healing, individuation) comes before the greater mysteries(awakening, no self, infinity, God realization). 

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🙈 "We need to be more conscious, before it's too late!!!!!"

Uhhh, that's the epitome of unconscious.

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