Occipital Neuralgia (2 years since onset)

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on April 7, 2021 a sudden pain appeared in the left side of my head, I freaked out, I did MRI scan of the brain but everything looked normal, after 1 year of looking for info and asking doctors, i made my own diagnosis: occipital neuralgia.

It's been 2 years now.

I did MRI scan and X-Ray for the neck, everything looks normal (which is normal for occipital neuralgia).

Is there anyone here who knows how to reduce pain, for things related to nerves?

I tried almost everything, except the heavy medical procedures, and i haven't tried pills neurologists can prescribe (antidepressant, opioids...) which i might do soon...

Pain is between 3-4 and on a scale of 10, this week i have a flu so it's 7-8 (i just lie in bed).

Any suggestions or experience with nerves pain is welcome (also related to trigeminal neuralgia, since it's very similar).

I did chiropractors, without improvements.

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High quality CBD oil may help or Nervines. Combining CBD with DMSO is the best pain relief I have ever had although I would educate oneself well on how to use DMSO safely as it allows every substance to penetrate the BBB(blood brain barrier).

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