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They basically have two types of water bottles, PureVis and filtered. PureVis offers some UV light technology that cleans the water and the bottle in itself, removing up to 99,9% of harmful bacteria. The Filtered version is said to filter plenty of heavy metals. The bottle also comes with an insulation feature, to keep the water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

I remember watching an episode of shark tank few years ago, where this bottle was represented. The guy made a deal with two sharks and they've been expanding the business and increasing sales ever since, to a point of drawing my attention with their advertising.

Does anyone have any experience with these bottles or something to say about its technology and capabilities? A useless gimmick or a legit and practical little product?

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Haven't done any research on this, but I will leave this here, it might be helpful to start to your research here:

edit: okay quora is still shit, because you need to pay to be able to see the comments in full.

Here are some reviews on it:

These links hopefully will be helpful to start your research and to see some reviews.

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