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It may seem like a no-brainer at this point, but downloading a simple app that allows me to track my spendings / savings and categorize them / jot down notes has strongly impacted my money skills for the better.

As is expected, the observer effect also shows here. The fact that you track your finances affects your finances.

What are your money habits like?

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Hi, I have these financials laws:

1. Earn more than you spend.

2. No Debt.

3. Invest every month a little into an ETF.

4. Buy only high quality gear, bc over time it makes a huge difference.

5. Track EVERY expenses. I use google sheets for that.


To save 30-40% and donate 5-10% are good monthly goals to me

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become a client of one of those online banks and each month transfer some funds from your main account and only use the online bank for all your spending. Most of these are amazing at tracking expense, different categories and comparing with previous months. 

I use Monzo, which I believe is only in UK but Starling and Revolut seem to be becoming popular in many countries 


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