Recognizing souls while tripping

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Me and my bf tripped on acid and we had this really wierd experience of instantly recognizing each other while peaking. We both just knew like this is not the first time we did this even though it was. It was like both of us knew exactly what the other one was thinking. Because he could say something I was thinking and vice versa. When I recognized him I didn’t say anything and he was just like “yeah I know what you know”

I feel that we have a deep connection and been through a lot together but I never experienced this during a trip with someone else. Not on this level. It was like we were the same or whatever. I don’t know if anyone of you have had this kind of experience while tripping with a friend, so, etc.  why does this happen? Is it just our relationship being amplified by the psychedelic or can you recognize someone from a past life etc. I’m curious what perspectives you have



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I've had this same experience, of taking psychedelics with a partner, and being able to hear each other's thoughts. My take on it, is the psychedelics start to lift the illusion of separateness, and the oneness of everything begins to become more apparent. You are one, falsely believing you're two, beginning to see shades of your true Self. 

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