Can you be spiritual and eat meat?

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Meat eaters never find a Buddha within, because it's only a dream to them.

we are literally God's name, continuously pronouncing.

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21 hours ago, aurum said:

Ethics is a different question. We could say that if someone is so selfish that they are unable to put aside their human biases and extend their circle of concern to animals, that would indicate a lack of development. And so I see veganism as a response to stage Orange industrial food practices that were heavily biased towards human survival and lacked empathy. These practices required humans to objectify animals in order to succeed.

That’s what I would think too. If you set aside your human bias you probably become vegan. If your health allows it of course but most people could do it if they plan properly. Treating other conscious being with the same respect that you treat yourself removes an ego double standard and so makes you more conscious. I would bet that clean conscience makes spiritual insights/ awakenings more accessible. 



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I think that the more conscious you become, the harder it would be for you to hurt other beings for your selfish needs- you become more aware to the impact you have on others around you.

For me it was obvious since childhood, I just couldn't stand the idea of eating meat, I had two cats and two dogs and birds. Given the fact that I lived with them, knew them well, took care of them, had a close relationship with them and strong emotional attachment to them and generally was loving and curious about animals made me feel that it's wrong to eat meat that used to be a living animal exactly like my animal friends at home.

I can't eat chicken or beef or even fish (which many people ignorantly consider as an emotionaly dumb creature who doesn't suffer, which is completely wrong because they do experience emotions and capable of suffering) because for me personally it's as bad as eating a human. If I would eat it I would feel like a complete cannibal and will be disgusted with myself like forever, same as for any human who would feel bad for eating human flesh.

This is how I experience eating animals in my psyche. It doesn't allow me to do that without psychological and spiritual torture, because I love them and it makes me uncomfortable merely thinking about the idea that they are edible for someone. 

Luckily I live in the time and space when I have the privillage to avoid eating animals for survival. I'm glad that I'm more attached to being loving and respectful towards animals than being attached to their dead body's cooked taste.

I don't see a real justification to eat animals today as long you don't live in extreme survival conditions or any situation when your health/life depends on eating meat, and even in that case, that should be done in the least cruel and most humane ways possible with respect to the poor animal and nature. For most humans especially in the 1st world countries, they can live on vegetarian diet for their entire lives without any health problems. We are genetically more herbivore than omnivores anyways. 

Most people won't give up on their meat so rapidly though because of their attachment to meat and level of consciousness and because of that I hope that lab meat will be a thing and replace the cruel current meat industry, as soon as possible, because it creats so much pain and unnecessary cruelty in the world. 


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