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God Realization in 18th Century England

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The Pneumatic Institution in Bristol, England, was the world's first psychedelic salon - and the birthplace of psychedelic research over 220 years ago:


‘Nothing exists but thoughts!’, he blurted. ‘The world is composed of impressions, ideas, pleasures and pains!’ 

Humphry Davy’s Boxing Day experiment was the culmination of a freewheeling programme of consciousness expansion into which he had co-opted some of the most remarkable figures of his day.

These included Samuel Taylor Coleridge (poet laureate), Thomas Wedgwood (the real inventor of photography), Robert Southey, Peter Mark Roget (inventor of the thesaurus), Thomas Poole, James Mackintosh, Anna Laetitia Barbauld, James Watt (inventor of the steam engine), and Erasmus Darwin (famous physician and grandfather of Charles).

In the early summer of 1799 the nitrous oxide trials began in earnest. In the evenings, after the Pneumatic Institution had closed, the nitrate of ammoniac reaction would begin to bubble in its upstairs drawing room as Davy’s circle – doctors and patients, chemists, playwrights, surgeons and poets – experimented on themselves and each other.

Davy was master of ceremonies and also, by his own account, inhaling the gas himself three or four times a day.

The laboratory became a philosophical theatre in which the boundaries between experimenter and subject, spectator and performer were blurred to fascinating effect, and the experiment took on a life of its own.


(Humphry Davy)

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