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It is possible to extract THC from weed in a similar manner to extracting DMT.

Maybe it's a little bit more difficult because weed is more oily from what I have seen, but nothing too radical.

Synthethic THC would be super cheap to make in labs if legal. Psychedelics in general. Lab made DMT costs like $1 per gram for materials. Like any other dietary supplement, it's no different only that it's illegal.

But yeah, that's the world we live in, so the options left are buying and overpaying for THC or choosing time-consuming and comeptency requiring way of extracting it yourself.

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2 hours ago, Leo Gura said:


I had a 12+ hr long trip one bong hit of weed. It was the most radical trip of my life. I couldn't walk straight for 2 days after that.

Wow very interesting, I really think your body reacts different to it. But do you have visions, insights, profound experience? To be honest for me weed is very similar to alcohol, if I smoke decently I can start laughing and etc.

though one time, I smoked a very sting bond, and it was at the music event, and that time I was getting insides and even small visions. I may think it depends on the weed, and has to be really strong one, not the one they started selling in stores.

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