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Hi, i’m wondering if any of you have tried practicing Kriya Yoga from hariharananda’s lineage, as is thought today by the Kriya Yoga foundation.

They are the main folks teaching Kriya here in brazil, but their main seat is in the US.

I’ve been practicing their teachings and it does make my mind way calmer, but i haven’t experienced any samadhi yet (though that might very well be on my lack of consistency).

The reason i pose this question is that i heard “normal” Kriya is medula-centric, while in this specific lineage Hariharananda edited it to make it crown-centric.

(Which, some redditors seem to argue, makes it not Kriya)

That made me curious in regards to the differences, but i once heard the swami say we should not waste time trying to know the differences between lineages since that would open room for our ego to try and keep hoping from practice to practice, never actually delving deep into any of them.

I believe there is truth to that, but at the same time i am a very curious person.

Specially since my adhd makes the kriya last close to 1 hour every time (to do the first Kriya’s), so i would like to know that i am taking the optimal path to make use of all that investment.

So, anyone with experience or knowledge about this specific lineage?

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