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About Tolerance there is this subjective experience LSD chart done by the community as a rule of thumb. As you said is only for LSD but it can give some guidelines.


This is the equation:
y= x/100*280.059565*n^-0.412565956

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@Davino Yes, but this is not science, this is an reinforced urban myth.

It would be a little bit accurate for LSD, but then... Who the hell knows how much LSD they are getting on their blotter. LSD blotters are commonly misadvertised, like 90% of it. Basically, only synthetic analogues like 1P-LSD straight from Lizard Labs can be trusted to really be 100 mcg per tab.

The same applies to mushrooms, you don't know the potency of your mushrooms, some are weak, some are strong.

Such tests should be done on a standardized extract or a close synthetic analogue of psilocybin.

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